Religious freedom is our first liberty. America's Founding Fathers recognized that all people have been endowed by God with inalienable rights among which are life and liberty. Therefore, the Founders enshrined fundamental rights, including religious freedom, in our Nation's Constitution. They knew that if the government took away our right to religious liberty, every one of our freedoms would soon be lost.

The Colorado Freedom Institute, a nonprofit legal organization, is dedicated to protecting religious freedom for Coloradans and across America. Colorado is a political bell-weather state. Forces opposed to our inalienable and fundamental rights often start their battle to advance their secular agenda in Colorado and, from Colorado, then move across the Nation. We are, therefore, on the front lines of the battle for the survival of religious freedom. And we must never give in.

The Colorado Freedom Institute seeks to assure that:

  • All Americans of all ages, races, genders, and faiths are free to peacefully live and work consistent with their faith;
  • All human life is deemed sacred and to oppose abortion on demand and the legalization of doctor-assisted suicide; and
  • Marriage and the family are protected so that individuals, particularly women, children and the underprivileged, do not suffer needlessly.

The Colorado Freedom Institute pursues these goals by representing people of faith in court battles against government agencies and others; by testifying in support of legislation that promotes religious freedom and a culture of life; and by educating Coloradans on what religious freedom and the sanctity of life means to them and to our State and Nation.


The Colorado Freedom Institute engages volunteer attorneys to represent people of faith whose First Amendment rights are challenged . The generosity of private supporters and others enables the Colorado Freedom Institute to offer high caliber legal assistance absolutely free.

Your generous financial support makes it possible for The Colorado Freedom Institute to defend religious freedom in Colorado and across America.

If you know of persons who are being deprived of their religious freedom, encourage them to contact The Colorado Freedom Institute at:


Centennial Institute

Alliance Defending Freedom

Americans United for Life

Colorado Family Action

Global Justice

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